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The energy sector is an ever-changing platform with renewable energy key to further growth

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Investing in technology is paramount to staying relevant in today's climate

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Inovation in metering and reporting with a diversified approach to tecnology

About INT Corporation

In June 2014, the Company was recapitalised under a proposal that involved an injection of new capital and new directors.  The new Board is a highly qualified executive team with over 30 years’ private equity investment experience with a view to transforming INT into a high growth and strong cash-flow generating business.

In addition to investigating re-launching  its business of providing outsourced services, managed utilities and designing and supplying hardware and software technology solutions, the new board intends to pursue acquisitions in high growth sectors. It is intended the Company will consider new opportunities both in the Company’s current sector and in unrelated sectors as and when they may arise.

As part of the board’s vision to transform INT into a high growth business, the Company has engaged Mr Julian Knights, founder of Ironbridge Capital, and Michael Pollak, a proponent of many successful ASX recapitalisations, to join the INT Advisory Committee to assist the board in generating and reviewing acquisition opportunities for the Company.